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If you are a leader, a change-maker, and an advocate for people treatment and civility, we encourage you to apply for The Golden Rule Civility Statesman Training Program.

This comprehensive training program consists of :

  • 8 full days training on each of 8 core areas of knowledge and skills:
    • Golden Rule Philosophy
    • Change Readiness
    • Social Intelligence
    • Collaboration
    • Communicating Respect
    • Statesman Speaking Skills
    • Cultural Competence
    • Systems Thinking
  • Once you complete the live or distance training you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Graduate badge
  • You then have the option of writing an online exam and completing a practicum
  • After the exam and practicum are complete you will do an interview with a designate Senior Golden Rule Civility Trainer and upon review of your achievements you will be granted “Statesman” status and be awarded with a Certification document and the Golden Rule Civility Statesman badge.

The Golden Rule Civility Young Leaders Program consists of ten, 1-hour lessons covering the following:

  • Kindness – by way of introducing the golden rule
  • Honesty – as a way of introducing values in general and building trust
  • Curiosity- as a starting point for continuous learning and asking questions
  • Equality – and introducing the concept of fairness  and “humanity”
  • Compassion – as a way of seeing the perspective of others and introducing systems thinking
  • Courage – as a way of introducing notion of confidence, and perseverance in difficult time
  • Respect – as a way of introducing being a good citizen- respect for people, for things, for rules
  • Positive attitude- as a way of introducing goal setting and the concept of hopefulness
  • Responsibility – as a means of introducing concept of meaning what you say, finishing what you start
  • Non-judgment as a way of teaching open-mindedness, and as a precursor to cultural competence and managing differences

The programs are offered LIVE  beginning November 1, 2017  (Schedule coming soon) please contact with questions or to be put on a mailing list)

The programs are offered by DISTANCE effective November 1, 2017.

You can apply for the programs by completing an application form.

Once your application is approved there are three avenues of entry into the program:

  1. You may be selected by the Golden Rule Civility Training Committee as a “guest” participant, and no fees will be required.
  2. You may be selected as a recipient of a training sponsorship and/or scholarship.
  3.  You may be required to pay a training program fee:
  • Cost of Golden Rule Civility Statesman Live Program is $1350US
  • Cost of Golden Rule Civility Statesman Distance/Online Program is $750US
  • Cost of Golden Rule Civility Youth Leader Train the Trainer Program is $950US
  • Cost of Golden Rule Civility Youth Leader Train the Trainer Program Distance/Online is $450US
  • Cost of Golden Rule Civility Youth Leader Program is $399US
  • Cost of Golden Rule Civility Youth Leader Program Distance/Online is $199US

NOTE: the programs may be available in various languages soon, currently all training is in English.

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